Metathesis define
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Metathesis define

One familiar example of metathesis is our word thrill, which was "thyrlian" in Old English and "thirlen" in Middle English. By the late 16th century, native English.

Define metaphase: the stage of mitosis and meiosis in which the chromosomes become arranged in the equatorial plane of the spindle.. metathesis. WORD GAMES.

metathesis define

Metathesis define

Nuclear definition, pertaining to or involving atomic weapons: nuclear war. See more.

Metathesis definition, the transposition of letters, syllables, or sounds in a word, as in the pronunciation [kuhmf-ter-buh l] /ˈkʌmf tər bəl/ (Show IPA.

Define Metatheoretical. Metatheoretical synonyms, Metatheoretical pronunciation, Metatheoretical translation,. metathesis; metathesis; metathesis; Metathesis …


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